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Paint It Red

A 10 track film scores album (32m 38s) — released January 21st 2013 on Bearfunk

The infamous Blackula return once again, bringing their unique brand of macabre, twilight music fusions to Bearfunk! 'Paint It Red' see's the duo curate an album of edits and variations on tracks from their two studio albums, 2010's 'Permanent Midnight' and 2012's 'Back From Mystery City'.

The musical brew of this imaginary soundtrack is as various and eclectic as ever: seventies' funk, Giallo-thriller and horror scores, psychedelia, rock, contemporary classical, the avant-garde, no wave, free jazz & blues, cinematic atmospheric sounds tinted with the deepest blood red. Every track on the album has been played by real musicians, orchestral ensembles and choirs.

These are stripped-down library versions of tracks off the two BLAKULA! albums re-made/re-modelled and re-edited by the composers. These are dark nuggets of BLAKULA's Grand Nocturne music. Welcome to the vault.

1) BACK FROM MYSTERY CITY. The narcotic groove of a subway train, destination nowhere. Blurred sounds in and out of conscience, an abstract orchestra, spectral harmonica, a wall of de-tuned guitars, dirty echo chambers, beautiful losers whispering .

2) BEAUTIFUL ADDICTION. Dark orchestral movements, the melody of a thriller movie, eerie screechings, rush rush, glowing nods, crows like splashing of ink on the livid palette of the sky

3) WITCHES CREW. Distant voices like a terrible horizon, an obscure female chorus floating like vapor, strings section like lysergic emanations.

4) BLOOD SUPREME. Dissonances and crimes. The Prague Symphony Orchestra plays a Psycho-Giallo inspired tune, with a celeste that sounds like a razorblade kiss.

5) A DARKER SHADE OF NOIR. John Cale's viola in a swampland, the gothic blues Robert Johnson never played. A possessed woman chants about gris-gris at the crossroads between doom and gloom.

6) SURRENDER TO THE SHADOWS. Long lost score for a Murnau movie, someone's mourning a love centuries old or a love that never bloomed. An hopeless romantic plays a nocturnal hymn on Desolation Avenue. The cracks on the backstreet wall spell "DAMNATION" in a relentless flow of whispers, melodies and memories. Such a sweet sweet dying.

7) PERMANENT MIDNIGHT. Cold-War spy theme played in a sleazy night-club, the roar of the ever-present city sounds like the beginning of time, where every night the noises get reinvented. Raymond Chandler's last line.

8) THE WEIGHT OF DARKNESS. All the colors of obscurity, the sound of midnight rollin' in, spooky keyboards, flutes like sighs. A voodoo priestess sings of love and desperation.

9) MISS MORGUE. Haitian tribal beat and dramatic church organs, a miniature suburban noir funk track.

10) VAMPIRE STATE BUILDING. Murder-rock, pulp guitars, free jazz hysterical brass like a concert for solo gun, Miles Davis' soul wandering in every gutter, nocturno with screams, beyond redemption, no hope of salvation, no ray of light.

More darkness by the Blakula crew. The orchestral versions are brilliant. Thanks as always - Laurent Garnier

Fantastic! - Blow Up Magazine Italy

Really interesting music! - Ross Allen Ministry Of Sound / Island Records

Just an amazing album from a obscure mind, love it. Blood supreme is amazing. - Ilya Santana Nang / Eskimo

Darky Good - Mucho Bizarre Blog France

Review on DJ Mag! - Andrea Pomini DJ Mag Italia

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